Demystifying Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster?

Anything that disrupts work/operation is disaster. It could be person leaving the job, power shutdown or natural calamity. We can categorize disasters in two way

  1. Natural Disaster: Earthquake, Hurricane, Cyclone, Flood, Tsunami
  2. Man Made Disaster: Terrorism, War, Infrastructure failure

What is Disaster Recovery?

It is set of actions that are thought as a proactive measure to handle disaster whenever it happens. It can be simple document or a well define process that can triggered whenever the disaster occurs.

For e.g.

  1. Scenario 1: When a key person is leaving the job. The organisation HR should ensure each department stakeholder should identify the key performers and ensure there is always a backup for the person and develop a plan to develop the other resource. This is not necessary to be triggered when a person leaves the organisation but also when the key person is planning to take vacation.
  2. Scenario 2: Handling power crisis for home/office. To ensure there is continuous supply of power in case of power failure we generally setup power invertor in home or generators in offices. This ensure business run as usual in case of the power failure disaster.

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